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Air Canada unveils EMBRAER 175

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TORONTO - Air Canada today officially unveiled the airline's brand new EMBRAER 175 aircraft, the most recent addition to its North American fleet. At Air Canada's main hub in Toronto, frequent fliers, travel industry representatives and the carrier's employees saw first hand this next-generation aircraft that will set new standards for air travel in North America. The spacious 73-seat jet aircraft is configured to provide a choice of Executive Class or Hospitality service, and features industry-leading legroom throughout, personal in-seat entertainment systems at each seat, and Air Canada's new seating and cabin design.

Air Canada will deploy the EMBRAER 175 primarily in key Canada-U.S. transborder markets. With the arrival of the EMBRAER 175, Air Canada is introducing Executive Class and in-flight enhancements on the following three routes: Toronto - Washington D.C. Regan National Airport, Toronto - Philadelphia and Toronto - Atlanta. In addition, Air Canada will deploy the EMBRAER 175 on Toronto - Boston, Toronto - Newark, Montreal - LaGuardia and Montreal - Chicago, as well as the carrier's first early morning Rapidair departure from Montreal to Toronto at 05h30, introducing Executive Class service on this flight for the first time.

"Today is an exciting day for Air Canada as we present to our customers, the travel industry and our employees, the future of air travel in North America," said Montie Brewer, President and Chief Executive Officer. "With the arrival of these next-generation Embraer aircraft, we are implementing our North American fleet strategy to serve current markets more effectively with enhanced schedules and in-flight amenities, and purse new market opportunities throughout North America. These new aircraft in the 70-110 seat range allow us to introduce Executive Class service on routes for the first time, and offer all our customers a superior in-flight experience with industry-leading space, comfort and personal seatback entertainment that puts control in the hands of our customers."

"Embraer is proud to have Air Canada as the first EMBRAER 175 operator. Air Canada shows foresight in taking advantage of our E-Jets as a key component of its business strategy and future success," said Frederico Curado, Embraer Executive Vice President, Civil Aircraft, in Toronto for the unveiling. "As an operator, Air Canada will reap the benefits of the reliability and economics of the EMBRAER 175 in filling the mid-market niche; while its customers will appreciate the aircraft's unprecedented comfort."

Air Canada is expected to take delivery of all 15 EMBRAER 175 aircraft on order by December 2005, joining 45 EMBRAER 190 aircraft set to begin arrival in November 2005. The EMBRAER 175 aircraft has nine seats in Executive Class offering 38 inches of legroom, and 64 seats in Hospitality with up to 34 inches of legroom. The EMBRAER 190 has nine seats in Executive Class offering 38 inches of legroom and 84 seats in Hospitality offering 33 inches of legroom. Both cabins feature in-seat audio and video on demand to be installed in the fall 2005, in-seat power within reach of every passenger, no middle seats, generous overhead bins, wide aisles and a spacious interior.

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