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WestJet Adjusts Base Fares in Response to Increasing Fuel Prices

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CALGARY - WestJet (TSX:WJA) announced today that it is increasing the base prices of its fares in response to rising fuel prices. During the first seven months of 2005, the price of a barrel of crude has increased approximately 40% over the first seven months of 2004.

Effective August 15, 2005, base fares on flights under 300 miles will increase $5 each way, fares for flights between 301 and 1,000 miles will increase $8 each way and fares for flights over 1,000 miles will increase $12 each way.

Hugh Dunleavy, WestJet's Vice-President, Revenue, commented: "As a low-cost airline, we find it particularly unpleasant to increase our fares as we always endeavour to keep travel as affordable as possible for our guests. That being said, we are faced with the current reality of record high fuel prices and we simply must adjust our fares to recover a portion of these additional costs."

WestJet will continue to monitor the price of fuel with a view to lowering fares once fuel prices decline. Guests can avoid paying increased fares by booking travel with WestJet prior to August 15, 2005.

In response to high fuel prices, the airline has also accelerated the retirement schedule of its less-efficient Boeing 737-200 aircraft. Beginning in March 2006, WestJet will exclusively operate Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft that are 30% more fuel efficient on an available-seat-mile basis.

WestJet is Canada's leading low-cost airline offering scheduled service throughout its 34-city North American network. Named Canada's most respected corporation for customer service in 2005, WestJet pioneered low-cost high-value flying in Canada. With increased legroom and leather seats on its modern fleet of Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft, and live seatback television on its 737-700 fleet, WestJet strives to be the number one choice for travellers. Visit www.westjet.com for more information.

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