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Cormorant Helicopter Evacutes Ill man off the Coast of Tofino

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A CH-149 Cormorant helicopter from 442 Squadron performed an evacuation of a critically-ill man off the coast of Tofino yesterday afternoon. The Cormorant was tasked by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria when they were informed of a 71 year-old man suffering from a respiratory distress on a cruise ship approximately 20 km off the coast of Tofino.

Three search and rescue technicians were hoisted down to the ship’s deck to attend to the patient. “We arrived on deck and the ship’s doctor was waiting for us with a member of the man’s family. The patient was still in a critical condition and we assisted the doctor to stabilize the man in preparation for the flight. We tried to keep the patient as stable and comfortable as possible given his situation”, said Sergeant Jean Tremblay, SAR Tech Team leader. All three persons were brought onboard and the SAR Techs provided continuous medical care throughout the transit.

The man was transported to Victoria General Hospital. The patient’s current condition is unknown.

Cormorant crew: Aircraft Commander Capt. Trevor Pellerin, First Officer Capt. Scott Dockeray, Flight Engineer Master Cpl Brian Schoneberg and Cpl Dominic Frenette, and Search and Rescue Technicians Sgt Jean Tremblay, Master Cpl Cory Cisyk and Cpl Manuel Séguin.

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