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Airline Let Sleeping Passenger Lie

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Airline Let Sleeping Passenger Lie Pakistan International Airlines

A passenger aboard a Pakistan International airlines flight did not see the sights she expected when she awoke after sleeping through an 18 hour trip from Lahore, Pakistan to Paris, France and back again, a total of 12,000km.


The passenger slept for the entire journey not even waking upon her arrival in Paris.  Ground crew and cabin crew did not appear to notice the sleeping passenger aboard the aircraft during the 2 hour stopover in Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

Many hours later the passenger found herself back in her original starting point of Lahore.  The airline is investigating the incident with the company responsible for passenger handling in France, although they also commented that it is a passenger’s responsibility to ensure they disembark at their destination.

Although the passenger was offered a new flight to Paris it is not clear at this time if she will bear the cost until the investigations are completed.  If the passenger is found to be at fault the catnap will prove to be a very expensive one.

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