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Golden Horseshoe Aviation Expands Training Capabilities at Hamilton International Airport

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Golden Horseshoe Aviation Expands Training Capabilities at Hamilton International Airport Golden Horsehoe Aviation

Golden Horseshoe Aviation expands General Aviation training capabilities at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (CYHM) with the installation of a state of the art flight simulator.


Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA) recently installed a full motion flight simulator in its training facility at Hamilton International Airport (CYHM). The REDBIRD FMX-1000 uses integrated computer software driving 6 video screens in a 210 Degree ‘wrap around’ display, realistic flight controls, instrumentation and full motion on all 3 axis to create various flying scenarios used in flight training.
Frank Scremin, President & CEO of John C Munro Hamilton International Airport expressed his support of GHA’s continued investment in its flight training business, “We were very happy to welcome GHA to Hamilton International in May and are excited to learn about the installation an on-site flight simulator tool to assist with Golden Horseshoe Aviation’s training program. We look forward to working in continued partnership with GHA to grow a vibrant general aviation community here at Hamilton International.”
John Maxwell, Chief Flight Instructor at Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA) worked with representatives from Transport Canada to obtain final certification for the device. Maxwell explained that the addition of this high technology flight simulator expands and complements the training capability already provided by GHA’s experienced instructors and late model airplanes. “With this new training device, pilots can obtain their instrument training in both single and multi-engine airplane configurations for substantially less cost than if the training was delivered in an actual airplane”, explained Maxwell, “the simulator also allows students to ‘fly’ when the weather would otherwise keep them on the ground which can shorten the time required to obtain a license.”
In addition to the time and cost saving advantages this tool also allows instructors to safely simulate a number of real-life scenarios, enabling the student to learn how to best manage such events without fear of harm.
Although GHA is focused on pilot flight training for new students, the REDBIRD FMX 1000 can be used by existing IFR pilots to recertify their rating.
Golden Horseshoe Aviation is located at Hamilton International Airport in the JETPORT Facility in Unit 520, 9300 Airport Road. For more information on GHA’s services and training programs, visit www.flygha.com or contact John Maxwell, Chief Flight Instructor, at 289.280.0172 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Golden Horseshoe Aviation
Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA) is a Flight Training Center that provides private flight training at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. GHA’s team of experienced instructors train students on a fleet of late model airplanes equipped with modern avionics including integrated GPS and autopilot. Instrument training is augmented with a state of the art, full motion flight simulator. GHA also offers aerial sightseeing tours to the public in the golden horseshoe area.
Contact by: Telephone: 289.280.0172 website:: www.flygha.com

About Hamilton International Airport
John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is based in the heart of the golden horseshoe, mid-way between downtown Toronto and Niagara Falls. Serving travelers in Southern Ontario, Hamilton Airport
is easy to get to and the only things it’s missing are long lines, a crowded terminal and expensive parking! So whether you are flying for business or leisure, remember; fly easy. fly hamilton.

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