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Celebrating 20 years on Edmonton Kingsway September 28th, 2012

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Celebrating 20 years on Edmonton Kingsway September 28th, 2012 Alberta Aviation Museum

Today we celebrate 20 years of being on Edmonton Kingsway, 20 years of showcasing Edmonton’s aviation history on one of it’s historic thoroughfares.

 20 years of providing Edmonton a doorway to it’s exciting and adventurous aviation heritage and a door for the young in our community to access aviation opportunities for their future.

 20 years of benefiting Edmonton through community activities, education programming and many other focuses.

 20 years of promoting Edmonton Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally and with that attracting visitors and friends from across Canada, North America and around the World.

 The Museum and it’s partner organizations look forward to the next 20 years of continuing to be a home for the past, a place for the present and a door to the future.

 Thank you to all those that have worked with us or our partner organizations as well as  those that have donated and sponsored our efforts, our staff and volunteers that have made it all work and of course…

 The City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta and Government of Canada for assistance through various capital grant programs and other support.

 Thanks to all those that have visited our facility, attended events and brought others.

Without your patronage we could not fund our day to day operations.

 A special thanks to all our media partners television, radio, print and now on line that have helped us bring our history to life and helped us achieve all we have.

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