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Iberia Issues the Following Statement to It's Customers and to the Public

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Iberia Issues the Following Statement to It's Customers and to the Public Iberia
The following statement has been issued by Iberia in response to strike announcement by trade unions:
To our customers
In response to the strike announcement by trade unions, which is expected to take place over several days in December, Iberia would like to make the following statement:
  • This is an irresponsible strike, because it hurts the airline’s customers during the holiday season. It also further complicates Iberia’s already difficult situation, and, once again, it associates our country with conflict and with the attack on consumer rights, contributing to further damaging the image of Spain and its economy.
  • It is also an unnecessary strike, because the airline has expressed its commitment to negotiating its Transformation Plan --without any conditions and with the greatest possible flexibility--, to ensure Iberia’s viability in the future, while trade unions have so far failed to express their intention to negotiate.
  • It is an abusive strike. Striking is a right, but its pre-emptive use is abusive. All of the companies in Spain are suffering the effects of the crisis, but most of their trade unions have the good will to negotiate agreements to limit the damage to everyone as much as possible.
  • Iberia is entirely open to negotiating a plan that enables it to be viable in the future, which is in everyone’s interest, especially its own staff. Dialogue and negotiation are the best way of resolving disagreements; striking should be only a last resort.
  • Iberia will look after its customers, doing everything in its power to minimise as much as possible the trouble this unjustified strike will cause them, and apologises for any inconvenience it may cause.

To the public
Iberia needs a Transformation Plan that allows it to be viable, so that it can occupy the leading position it deserves in the air travel industry:
  • Iberia is experiencing unsustainable losses – 1 million euros every day during the first nine months of the year, and almost 900 million euros in the last four years. Its future is in danger if it does not implement deep structural changes.
  • Iberia’s plan seeks to save 15,500 jobs. If it is not implemented, the viability of the airline would be threatened, and these jobs would be lost.
  • Our plan looks to the future, with a multimillion investment aimed at improving the products offered to our customers and at replacing our fleet with more efficient airplanes, but this is only possible if we guarantee Iberia’s profitability and enjoy the full cooperation of the staff.
  • Iberia’s Transformation Plan will allow Spain to boast a strong and profitable airline, capable of competing with and occupying a relevant position among the world’s commercial airlines.
  • Iberia’s plan calls for sacrifices: fewer jobs, lower wages and higher productivity, which the company is willing to negotiate, but it is a plan that will allow the airline to restructure and grow, so that it can once again be a leader in its markets.
  • If we do nothing, Iberia is in danger of disappearing, which would cause great damage to Spain’s communications, jobs, business, tourist industry and image abroad.
  • Like other traditional European airlines, Iberia suffers structural problems which, in our case, have been compounded by the severe crisis in which Spain has been plunged, which is also hitting other Spanish companies in a range of industries.
  • beria is a Spanish company that belongs to one of the largest airline groups, International Airlines Group, which is based in Spain and has shareholders all over the world, and which, among other things, offers our airline greater future guarantees and more resources to solve its problems.

On the 14th of December, Iberia will celebrate its 85th anniversary, and we are certain that it will reach twice that age, but to do so it needs to make deep changes. The airline’s shareholders have expressed their commitment to carrying out these changes. Our customers remain loyal despite the strikes they have endured. It is now up to our staff and their representatives to exercise the responsibility that will contribute to Iberia’s future viability, so that it can once again occupy the position it deserves in the global aviation industry.
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