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airberlin further increases capacity utilization

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airberlin further increases capacity utilization airberlin

In November 2012, airberlin increased its capacity utilization to 76.94 percent, i.e. 2.7 percent more than in the corresponding month of the previous year.


By eliminating unprofitable flight routes and through optimizing flight frequencies, airberlin reduced capacity in November in a targeted manner by 11.6 percent over the previous year. Capacity utilization continues to increase, since airberlin welcomed 2,070,433 passengers on board in November 2012, i.e. only 8.4 percent less than in the previous year (November 2011: 2,259,301 passengers).

Over the January to November period, airberlin increased capacity utilization by 1.5 percentage points over the previous year. Germany's second-largest airline company reduced its capacity to 39,413,764 seats, i.e. a reduction by 7.1 percent in comparison with the previous year. Over the same period, airberlin transported 31,498,182 passengers, i.e. only 5.4 percent less than in the period from January to November 2011. airberlin thus increased its flight capacity utilization to a total of 79.92 percent.

November 2012
November 2012
2,691,121 (-11.6 %)
39,413,764 (-7.1 %)
Number of passengers 2,070,433 (-8.4 %) 31,498,182 (-5.4 %)
Capacity utilization rate
  in %
76.94 (+2.7 PP) 79.92 (+1.5 PP)
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