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British Airways Flying High

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British Airways Flying High British Airways

British Airways has been given two prestigious awards in January, after being recognised for its responsible business ethic.

The airline received the Business Travel Award 2013 for Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme and has been recognised for its leadership role in addressing its impact on deforestation by the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project.

Jonathon Counsell, head of environment for British Airways, said: “It is a fantastic accolade to have won Best Corporate Responsibility Programme. Our One Destination Programme is going from strength to strength. In 2012 we debuted our Carbon Fund which uses donations from our customers to fund renewable energy projects in communities in the UK.

“Our Flying Start partnership with Comic Relief has raised more than £4 million to help children living in poverty at home and abroad, and our work with the Solena Group to develop sustainable aviation fuel from waste is gathering pace.”

Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD), a special project of the Global Canopy Programme, encourages the world’s largest companies to disclose their impact on forests based on their use of five commodities: soy, palm oil, timber and pulp, cattle products, and first generation biofuels. Companies are categorised into twelve sectors and leaders are identified. British Airways has been recognised for its leadership role in addressing its forest footprint in the Travel and Leisure sector. The airline sources its in-flight catering products and materials with a clear view of the provenance of the items and selection is based on minimising any damage to the environment.

James Hulse, Director of FFD said: “With commodity and food inflation growing in significance, building traceability and security of supply are big issues for the Travel and Leisure sector. FFD commends British Airways on their continued leadership in this area.”

The One Destination responsibility programme is at the heart of the British Airways brand. The airline has led the industry in setting ambitious and challenging targets for carbon efficiency, carbon emission reductions, noise reduction, recycling, and fundraising for its Flying Start charity programme.

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