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Green Skies of Peru Project Wins Environmental Award

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Green Skies of Peru Project Wins Environmental Award GE Aviation

GE Aviation, LAN Peru, Peru's air navigation service provider CORPAC and regulator DGAC received the IHS Jane's ATC Environment Award for the Green Skies of Peru project during the CANSO ATM dinner.


The project was one of 70 projects nominated for the IHS Jane's ATC Awards, with one award winner in each of seven categories. The awards ceremony was held during the World ATM Congress where GE Aviation is exhibiting this week (#1104) in Madrid.

The Green Skies of Peru project, a collaborative effort among GE Aviation, LAN Peru, CORPAC and DGAC, provides aircraft flying from Cusco to Lima a highly efficient, predictable flight path throughout the entire flight. The demonstration phase of the project commenced in February 2012, when LAN flew the first continuously guided flight from take-off to landing using Performance-based Navigation (PBN) technology.

The procedures save participating airlines on average 19 track miles, 6.3 minutes, 450 pounds of fuel and 1,420 pounds of CO2 emissions per flight. In July, the project team successfully connected the PBN city pair procedures to the Instrument Landing System (ILS) with auto land at Lima. The breakthrough technology lowers the aircraft landing minima at Lima to 100 feet when the three elements are combined.

"On behalf of the entire project team, we are grateful to receive such a notable industry award highlighting this important project to our country's airspace," said Nicolas Goldstein, CEO of LAN Peru. "It's encouraging to see our hard work being recognized as we work to implement the project into our daily operations to improve operational efficiency."

GE Aviation's Air Traffic Optimization unit provides airlines, air navigation service providers and airports with services to make the way we fly more efficient. With PBN design and consulting, high-resolution, digital airport maps, electronic terrain and obstacle data and airline-based flow management products, GE Aviation is building the foundation to support air traffic modernization.

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet engines, components and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings.

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