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Iberia introduces new aircraft de-icing management systems at Madrid airport

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Iberia introduces new aircraft de-icing management systems at Madrid airport Iberia
Iberia has developed a new aircraft de-icing management system, placing the company in the vanguard of the most specialised providers of de-icing service. It is based on 3G technology, and comparable systems are used only by Lufthansa in Frankfurt, US Airways in Charlotte, and Delta Airlines in Atlanta.

De-icing team operators may now enter real-time data about the progress of de-icing tasks on a PDA, and the data is received by supervisors on tablet PCs, enabling them to manage the operations remotely.  The data can also be accessed in real timer by the Madrid airport control tower, the airport and air navigation authority AENA, and Iberia’s control hub from which all the airline’s handling operations are coordinated. This allows traffic controllers to interact in real time with Iberia handling supervisors to improve the coordination of the entrance and exit of aircraft from de-icing stations, facilitating the use of best airport practices even under unfavourable weather conditions.

The supply of real-time de-icing data to Iberia will enable the company to optimise the de-icing service and its infrastructure, contributing to flight punctuality, and offering a better service to client airlines and their customers.

The new system is part of Iberia’s Ágora project, aimed at increasing the efficiency its T4 hub, increasing punctuality ratings, and improving passengers’ airport experience.
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