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Mechtronix Delivers New CJ1 Simulators to China

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Mechtronix Delivers New CJ1 Simulators to China Mechtronix

A Cessna Citation CJ1 Full Flight Simulator (FFS X™) and two full flight trainers (FFT™) from Mechtronix are to be delivered to The Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC), cementing a 10-year relationship between CAFUC and the Canadian-based flight simulator manufacturer.

With the new order, CAFUC will operate three CJ1 FFS and three CJ1 FFT devices needed to meet an increased demand in training hours from CAFUC customers utilizing the Cessna Citation CJ1 aircraft. The organization is one of the largest universities for advanced civil aviation education in China and Asia.

Fernando Petruzziello, Chief Executive Officer of Mechtronix, says that the company is delighted to be working with CAFUC again: “We believe we not only have the technology but also the operations, maintenance and local support capacity to fulfill CAFUC’s current and future training requirements,” he says. “CAFUC has increased its requirement for CJ1 training hours and the supply of these three devices will enable CAFUC to offer high-quality/high-fidelity training to their increasing number of customers operating the CJ1.”

Mr. Li Yong Jun, Director of the Training Center at CAFUC also commented on this long-lasting relationship: “I am very glad to cooperate with Mechtronix again through CAFUC’s open bid process. The cooperation relationship between CAFUC and Mechtronix has lasted more than 10 years,” he says. “Mechtronix provides us excellent after-sale service and technical support in time. I sincerely trust that they will keep providing us good, high quality after-sale service.”

The Mechtronix CJ1 FFS X™ will be inspected and qualified by the China Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR) and will meet the requirement for Part 60 FFS Level C. The device is renowned for having the lowest life-cycle costs in the market, and is similarly recognized for its reliability and cost-efficiency in terms of operations and maintenance.

The two Mechtronix CJ1 FFT™ devices will similarly be inspected and qualified to the requirements of CCAR Part 60 FTD Level 5, and feature an FFS Level D compliant Image Generator and a type-specific aircraft cockpit with 100% of the aircraft systems. As with all Mechtronix’ training devices, the CJ1 FFT™ is highly reliable, delivering a proven entry-level transition type rating platform.

CAFUC now has more than 25 Mechtronix training devices to help meet its training needs.

CAFUC is the largest universities for advanced civil aviation education in China and Asia.  The school was originally founded in 1956 and is under the direct leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).  Headquartered in Guanghan, Sichuan Province of China, CAFUC also has four additional flight training hubs in Xinjin, Guanghan, Luoyang and Mianyang and a terminal in Suining.  Their curriculum consists of Type Rating courses such as initial and recurrent training.  They also have five colleges where they formed an educational pattern for “flight orientation and comprehensive development”.  In addition, CAFUC develops a large amount of pilots for other countries such as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia and Vietnam.

About Mechtronix Inc.
Fuelled by 25 years of passion and dedication, Mechtronix is a world-leading manufacturer of flight simulators, designing, marketing and supporting aviation training products and related services for airlines, aircraft OEMs, flight training centers and training organizations worldwide. Mechtronix also applies its multidisciplinary expertise to the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent machines for a whole range of customers in various industries. To support our worldwide customers, technical support centres are strategically located around the globe. The company’s headquarters and main facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec.  For more information, please visit www.mechtronix.com.

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