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TOPIC: Time, what a ridiculous thing

Time, what a ridiculous thing 5 months 2 weeks ago #23294

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Time, what a ridiculous thing. It came and went in a hurry, never stopped to watch someone, it ruthlessly left it on everyone's body to pass the evidence of the world vicissitudes of life.s in the smooth skin of the big tree, and ruthlessly cut out countless rugged paths, giving the residents of the tree access. But the arrogant bird glanced at the messy and ugly path, slammed his wings and plunged into the distance, and crossed a beautiful arc in the space, which seemed to be a mockery of time.er, the arrival of autumn just gave it a chance to make waves. It applied to the sky, and a burst of bleak autumn wind made the whole world redundant, adding a bit of sadness.r the liberation, the land was in a mess, looking at the big trees, the bare tree scorpion looked very dissatisfied, there were a few branches of trees, and there were a few yellow leaves hanging sporadically on it, but it was a superfluous addition to the snake, which made it more heart-wrenching.white snow will take away the bleak autumn, and it will be wrapped up in the world's silver, which is particularly dazzling. At this time, the sadness in my heart has slowly dissipated and it has become very comfortablem very tired of time. It comes and goes without any consideration, it does not need to bear a little responsibility, it is free, no one can imprison it.te it and even hate it. It is its waywardness, taking away my closest and most dear person. Every time I feel their lost face in my mind, I am heartbroken. Just as it went on, my painful heart got a little easier.took away the opportunity for me to laugh with my partner. Separating us from the two places has suffered from Acacia. In the dead of night, in a corner, there will always be someone crying there quietly. This is because the world is too lonely and lonely for them. It seems that no one can understand them or even their loved ones.e always makes people hate it, and it seems to be overwhelmed. It ignores people's dissatisfaction and cursing Cigarets Free Shipping. It is fun to play with how to play. The unscrupulous character makes it cause great harm to others again and again. . Although sometimes I was fortunate enough to get it for the sake of luck, it seems to me that it should be discovered by conscience and conscience.e is heartless, and life is not tired. I don't know how many people are tired, hurt, hurt, or even die. I want to hold it, think about it Cheapest Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, let it repent, maybe it is in a hurry, maybe I am not qualified enough, so that I still let it slip away Newport Tobacco Wholesale. Even if I really want to catch it, the raised hand is no longer strong. . I have to let it do what I want!for its good, it is not without it. It is the best and most ridiculous cure for pain, and it can heal all the pain. It can make the wounds heal, cruel, and disappear. Let the sad person smile and laugh at life.ddenly remembered one thing. I remember that year, my grandmother��s departure made me feel uncomfortable, and every time I think about it, I will cry. However, after four or five years, now I think of my grandmother, but I always remembered the happy time when we were living together Marlboro Regular Red Lowest Price. The corners of the mouth always swayed. It seems that the time covered the sad fragments, leaving only happy moments. Thank you for this.apse of time can make people rich and poor; become beautiful, become "ugly"; become tolerant and become evil. In short, it is a blessing and a blessing. You can't run me, I can't run you, and I'm entangled with us until the end of our life. is passing, but we can't deny that it has been to this world. Uncle's annual ring is the trace of its left, the white hair of the parents, the messy wrinkles on the vicissitudes of the face, the hard scorpion on the hands, the footprints left by it.me flies and rushes, taking away both sorrow and joy. We cannot simply blame its mistakes, nor can we unilaterally praise its beauty. It is pitiful and heartbreaking. It brings both joy and sadness. Right or wrong, there is no basis for anyone who is wrong when it meets it. Its good or bad is complementary and mutually reinforcing. Often there is no good forever, always bad.is lonely. It needs someone to pity. It is hurrying every time, don't want to stay, just afraid of loneliness, so it always runs hard and wants to be full and nervous every day. This will allow you to temporarily forget the loneliness and loneliness. is precious. As long as we are a little confused, it slips away. We should take good care of the time, cherish the time, and don't wait until it dies, and then repent, in that case, everything is just futile.rything in the world is the guardian of time. A leaf, a small flower, a white hair, a word, a thought. They are the guardians of time. As long as we cherish the time, we are the guardians of time Cheap Marlboro 100 Free Shipping. guards its arrival and guards its demise. For time, it never stops. Even if a life dies, it is still running, stopping life, not it.p the time, cherish the time, be his master, make your life better, let yourself be its guardian, let it run more valuable.
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