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TOPIC: t��s March again, it��

t��s March again, it�� 2 months 4 weeks ago #23295

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t��s March again, it��s a day when the idioms are long and the sky is reviving, but this year��s situation seems to be different, because the cold spring is still invading the streets and alleys of Chengdu, and the cold wind is still like a silver needle. People are still wrapped in the thick winter glory, resentful of the winter that is lingering in the temperature difference between day and night Cigarettes Cheaper. Today seems to be different, although it is impossible to talk about the magnificence of the red sunrise and the great light of the road, but the faint sunlight of the horizon is still prelude to the day with a high spirit - we are going to the cultural journey. In the days of this day's public face. the way, either silent or whispering, along with the friction between the wheel and the ground, led us to the Guanghan Sanxingdui, the place that carries the wind and rain of history and the wisdom of the ancient working people. The darkness of entering the museum is incompatible with the outdoor white, but it also adds a solemnity. It seems that the voice has to be pressed into the ear Cigarette Online, for fear of awakening the sleeping ancient artifacts. But they are talking. Whether it is a small and exquisite jade, or a pottery with different characteristics in the north and the south, it tells us history silently. And history, also wearing such a robes, from the end of the glass window to us to come, take a sip of tea, and tell your own story. one that best shows the charm of Sanxingdui is the bronze statue. The bronzes who came out of the ritual and the sacrifices presented the flat symbols of the black and white characters of the history books in front of each classmate. The secrets in the red silk cloth and the glass window are also solved one by one in the loudspeakers of the lecturer. So we also understand that history can be very simple, its reasons may only be a few words; history can also be very profound, its meaning is enough for everyone to study for thousands of years.fore you get closer and closer, you are getting farther and farther behind you." My classmates preached on the drive that started again. Yes, the trend of history has never stopped. It is a waterfall that falls down on the mountain. It is a spring that is endless, and it is the past that each moment is transformed by the next moment. Every past, present and future are part of history Marlboro Menthol 100S, and the piche engine rang again, and the scenery outside the window flew in the rotation of the wheel and flew past. It was March, and the rape blossoms bloomed in pieces, blooming like a off at Qingbaijiang and the cherry blossom base was our second destination. Perhaps we are not sincere enough, the cherry blossoms are not rich enough. But this does not affect the ubiquity of the flowers in the flowers. The red is more heated and the blue is more pure. Such colors seem to be too bright, but in the laughter and laughter of the students, such a gaudy thing is just a business in this spring. Then the wheels of the bicycle rolled up on the stone road, and the front of the stalls where the smoke was booming began to move Wholesale Cigarettes. The camera in the flourishing place was also endless. What is the cold spring? How about the cherry blossoms? Isn��t it enough to have enough spring to be full of vitality? The scenery is just a picture, and this groed "three brigades" activities are both a record and a memorial. Because whether it is outside or outside the city, the scenery has its own merits without leaving the word "beauty". Because whether it is in the outside or outside the city, the joy of life is all in the new information, new knowledge and sneak into the mind, the show is vivid. Everything Newport Cigarettes, scenery, sound, and language replace the text on the electronic whiteboard or the book in the classroom, and come face to face in the most familiar and new way, so that all of us are happy to accept by default, and All the feelings and experiences are naturally generated in the heart, and rooted in the depths of memory. Therefore, I think that if you swim elsewhere, you can also say that you are studying elsewhere
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