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TOPIC: After a summer vacation

After a summer vacation 4 months 2 weeks ago #23296

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After a summer vacation, I thought I couldn't take care of it. I quickly adapted to the rhythm of school. The first class, very happy, has long violated the energetic smiles of the students. The second class is very happy. The children in the third year are really different from the second and third year. The third class was very lost. I didn't expect to fight back to the original shape after two days. Maybe the children are full of blood and are as active as usual. Maybe the children are tricky and replaced with the old naughty.ng me, stop in the hustle and bustle of youth, do not know whether it is happy or it should be sad. The good news is that the students who have not listened to the class and have nothing to do are distracted Marlboro Gold Pack, concentrate on the lectures, and take notes seriously. The sad thing is: the trick is still in the quail, the unfocused is still not focused, and can not control themselves can not control themselves. But I turned to think again, the child is only a child after all, slowly can learn to grow up.e reason why we pay so much attention, so carefully, is because the college entrance examination is really an important and relatively fair channel for selecting talents. Despite the rapid changes, despite the need to change the world, the need for knowledge and the need for knowledge is bound to increase. Thus, reading a university is clearly a universal, necessary, and destined appeal. There is an old saying in the past: "Three hundred and sixty lines are the top picks." The purpose is to say that every industry can produce talent Marlboro Menthol 100S. Until now, this is also of practical significance. The college entrance examination is not the only way out Carton Of Marlboro Reds, but the university diploma provides you with the necessary stepping stone. In high school, students may feel that it is useless to learn textbooks all day long, and even some children will laugh at those who concentrate on reading all day long. Their ridicule has some truth, but it is somewhat biased. Until I graduated from college, I started looking for a job. The old jokes became a must-have interview filter. The first requirement of many units is the diploma. If there is no, there is no chance for an interview. Of course, there are also a number of situations, individual talents, extremely talented people, and socially rich backgrounds. However, this is our envy that we are ordinary people. We can't change our origins. We can only work hard and we can be ordinary. We are also very ordinary. When we cannot change the subjective and objective conditions, what we can only change is ourselves. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all ordinary folks like me should concentrate on reading! Choose a suitable major, find a normal job, and live a plain and calm life.king on a familiar campus and watching the familiar scenery, I will remember my high school life from time to time. Although I am often ridiculed by others, saying that I am rigid, saying that I am more true, that I do not know how to integrate, but as an unsuccessful, I still do not regret the original choice. If I didn't go to college, I might go to the factory, sit on the assembly line, and repeat the monotonous and boring work every day. There is no future, no hope, no pursuit. (Of course, I don't look down on the ordinary workers sitting on the assembly line, but my own heart is unwilling.) I must have been married, and the children may have gone to elementary school. At that time, children who did not go to college entered the society early, and it was early to start a family business. Unfortunately, in order to survive, I will leave my hometown, like my parents did, and then my children have to take care of their parents and become another generation of left-behind children. This is not what I want, I really don't want it! Therefore, I am lucky and happy to stand on the three-foot ason why I came out is that I hope that children can learn from others, learn from others' successes, properly imitate their own success, and use others' failures to properly evade their own failures Marlboro Cigarettes Price. It��s not a pleasant experience to wrap around a three-way, eighteen-bend. Let's save the province! Even if "love fights will win," but such spelling has a price, and it is I hope that my students can spend an unforgettable, fulfilling, and progressive high school, working hard for tomorrow's gold medal title Marlboro Cigarettes, for the unrepentant youth footnote, and for a more brilliant life. At the same time, I also wish those hard-working children who have not worked hard but can't enter the university to find their beloved work and new life.
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