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TOPIC: In my impression,

In my impression, 2 months 1 week ago #23297

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In my impression, the place where I live is very short in the spring. When I blink, I will go with the wind in an instant. Maybe I didn��t know it before. The most precious thing in the spring is not the so-called months. A few days, but the flowers in the spring, the flowers in the land, but the spring of the North is often very cold, the type of flowers does not seem to be a lot right, is there not a rape? This is why I think the rape is precious. The reason, because every time the spring is short, my heart will always sound a soft and childish voice: in that place, rape blossoms are temporarily called it a fantasy. At the junction of April and May, 37 percent of the blue is mixed with 63 percent of the whale's blue sky. If the line of sight moves away from the white skyline, follow the dirt. The fragrance is far away, and you can see a large piece of golden tassels flashing there, like the golden crown of a kingdom in an unknown place, and the golden scarecrow in the golden wheat field. The golden straw roots on the straw hat danced its brilliance, reminding me of the turbulent sea that is also surging with the breath of life. This indescribable mysterious symbol that people always want to pursue. Do you believe that it is a large piece of rape? Yes, I probably have forgotten when I saw rapeseed last time. I only remember that it was about a short time, but the impression was very vague and I suddenly felt myself. I haven't seen golden canola flowers for a few years. The bricks and tiles of the high-rise buildings not only cover my sight Newports 100S Price, but also diminished my memories, strengthen my self-satisfaction and stiffness Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, but I think these are just Insignificant things, I think, on the day of the flowering, I will find a soft and fascinating answer. When I was in junior high school, whenever I saw the word rape, I always thought of "village" unconsciously, but not The western countryside, but China's remote and poor villages, naturally feels that the word is too earthy. Perhaps because I started to write poetry from that time, there is a part of the so-called literati's pretentiousness and arrogance in my heart. I thought that only the uncultured countryman and the children in the country would like rape. I don't like such a vulgar thing, maybe I was really wrong at that time. Rape blossoms are just rape blossoms. Now I can't think of any difference between tulips and hyacinths and lavender in western countries. Flowers are flowers, and there are so many boring prejudices there. Maybe sometimes, I am a real youth. I will think why I can't save so many artificial and unnecessary clich��s. I really look straight into the eyes of reality and achieve pure color for my heart. The true thoughts of no regrets and the youthful greens and the inner true smiles may have to be filled up. When the day was dark, the sapphire blue sky gradually became a vast sea. The place where the skyline and the horizon intersected calmly and gently, and swayed, fading the light of the stars in the sky. The bud of white moonlight sneaked into the atrium, like a cup of hot milk being sipped. If you can suddenly turn your head, you will find a layer of silver tassels intertwined with gold tassels in the distance, like dusk. The dark golden sky is dotted with countless free silver fireflies, and it is like a delicate golden violin that flows gently into the distance in the air filled with night, and is dotted with the white moon in the sky. Slightly lost the shining stars, I really feel the sea far away, even the smell of the sea breeze - this time to care about the floral and rape of the rape and the unique cool and salty smell of the sea breeze What is the meaning? The United States is the heart of every person in the United States Marlboro Usa Price. There is a so-called Yi, maybe Yi is standing on the bank of the river under the night sky, lying in the blue Under intertwined with rich white clouds sunny sky, or in the rain Iraq is gradually gone back and smile umbrella. I think these are normal and harmless Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. If one day we really become the "real person", I think, we will all be like the first suffocation from the suffocation of death to the dawn and smash the dark sunshine. Born, if you can really choose that fresh air, I hope that it will be a large golden yellow rape flower. Maybe you should know it now. The most precious thing in the spring of life is not a few months. A few days, but the flowers that bloom in the spring of life Marlboro Red 100 Carton, the flowers that open on the tree of life and the trees that have opened the tree, once we start, we can��t stop, so go and pursue what you don��t have yet. In that place, rape blossoms opened.
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