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TOPIC: can be won, these peo

can be won, these peo 2 months 3 weeks ago #23300

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can be won, these people will ultimately not be respected by the Chinese. Although history is based on the defeat of the king to talk about heroes, like Genghis Khan swept half of the earth, and later filled the Qing Dynasty into the Central Plains, although they all ended in victory Newport 100S Carton Cheap, but our people are also in their Under the rule of living for a hundred years, it is not the same. Our people must also be living in a circle with them. If we want to ban a circle, we must eliminate the defenders of a circle. It is countless military and political groups. I want to go from ancient times to the present. They are all the same. Only in the constant war can one political community be constantly stronger and continue to eliminate the expanding circle. This is the case from our Zhou Wenwu Wang. In the later Spring and Autumn Period, the Qin Shihuang unified China was the same. If a circle is banned by another circle, it is a shame for those who have been banned. It may be tragic. If we are far away, let��s not say that we are fighting the Japanese War in modern history. How miserable the life of our people is, the Nanjing Massacre has made the world a savage, and then a little further, it is full of people entering the Yangzhou Ten Tu Super Cheap Cigarette, and then he wants our Han people to keep their pony tail whip, and even so I don��t want to leave a head, although it��s all old things in the past, it��s not mentioned in our history books, but in the face of history, there are still historical pieces to reflect this history. I think everyone in the Dragon Boat Festival. I know that in order to commemorate who is to commemorate our great Qu Yuan, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is also to commemorate who it represents and what meaning, I think many people do not know, only know the delegation, if the story told by the old man when I was young is true He should be a great festival for our Han Chinese Free Newport Carton. It should be the same meaning as our National Day now, but in the eyes of modern people, I seem to be At the end of the game, I realized the feeling that people used to tell me. The origin of it should be like this. In the age of a foreigner who ruled the Han Chinese, the rule of the foreigners was very strict with the rule of our Han people. He would rebel in order to prevent us from being Han Chinese. The kitchen knives used by each household are managed by foreign rulers, and each of the four households has a foreign ruler who supervises our Han people. In order to drive away the foreign nationals, we can say that the Han Chinese are trying their best. At the end, someone came up with a way to buy a cake, which was to put a note in the middle of the cake. On the day of August 15th, each household used a bamboo stick to kill the foreign ruler, and then in order to prevent the news. The cake bought for the foreigners is a cake without paper strips. Later, in order to commemorate this day, people set August 15 as a reunion festival, just like the National Day is now, although it is only a legend, but we have a deeper understanding of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. The meaning of it, that is, they are also the same as the delegation��s celebration. It��s too far to mention, because a circle only represents the scope of a person��s life. If a person wants to gain the trust of a person, he must enter a small circle. Just like many people, when they are honest and honest, they will lose their fairness and integrity. Just like many corrupt officials, they are drawn by their loved ones, just like many emperors. When the law is in place, there is no fair punishment, and even the law can be swayed. Why do people want to see the bright side, even if they want to see the bright side, even if they are a wicked demon, he knows how to paint himself. However, the small circle area has a small distance and there are many opportunities for contact. This is what people often say that they don��t look down, that is, people often say people, because the smaller the circle, the fewer people, so it is more necessary to maintain and support it. The existence is strong. Therefore, people tend to choose small circles more easily when they choose. If a person wants to gain the trust of a person, he must enter a small circle of people. For the best friends around us, he must know us very well. We will even tell them that they will also Chat, this is just one of the reasons. To say something that is more common, I believe that police films and spy films have been seen by anyone. The undercover and what I am saying now should be a truth. There are many ways to get into a small circle of people. I can't cite them one by one Discount Cigarette Cartons. But in this diversified society, how do we manage our own lives, and to play so many circles to achieve the versatility of the world, then we have to know the principle of so many circles together, we can better grasp and use . The big circle has the characteristics of a large circle, and the small circle has the characteristics of a small circle. Just like the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party in the anti-Japanese period, the common point of the big circle is to unify the external resistance, and the two small circles in the circle are different. One is for To rule the country, one is to liberate the country, so each circle has a different purpose, and this one is a big circle of contradictions. Therefore, there were many puppet troops and traitors in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. So we have to use this small circle principle, why? Because the smaller the circle, the smaller the area, the smaller the resistance, the easier it is to break the white, and there is another layer of relationship, because the smaller the circle, the better the opportunity The more you have, the deeper the friendship will be, and this is the friendship of the person. If you want to occupy a big circle, you must first break through a small circle. Just like the past siege of the city, people can't break a country at once, only to win the city. Life is actually the same. If you want to enter a big circle, you must first break through a small circle of gentlemen, and the villain often feels awkward. I say so much is not to teach people how to make it bad, but just in this society can not let us believe in everyone, unless it is ourselves Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. But for good people and gentlemen, we should lay our hearts like the following
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