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TOPIC: Summer's childhood is

Summer's childhood is 1 week 13 hours ago #23302

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Summer's childhood is always so carefree Newport Cigarettes, so innocent. The play in the water in memory, the catch in memory, the swing in memory, and sometimes even a fight with friends are a good memory. At that time, I didn't know what it was for summer, I didn't know what it was for summer, and I didn't know when it was summer. I only knew that when my mother put a mat on the bed, hang a mosquito net, when my father was exposed to breasts, bare thighs. Shake the fan, when the little partner is naked and chasing in the river, when the screams on the tree are not stopped, the summer will arrive in the early morning, the star will gradually disappear, the black curtain covering the earth has just been opened, the leader will pull Opening the door: "Working out!" In the husky screams of the team leader, people began to get busy, or went to dig or harvest, and the woman who stayed at home began to cook and cook. Only children can continue to sleep peacefully in bed. Continuing their dreams, the East gradually emerged with magnificent glory, and the roof of the house began to smouldering with smoke. With the caress of the wind, it gradually changed its own figure. "Get up, let the cows go," and in the mother's repeated urging, we woke up and reluctantly got up, took the cow, and came to the field, the wind still with a little cool at night, walking in the fields. Roaming, the lazy sun has not yet released a hot style, crystal clear dewdrops hanging on the green, tender green leaves, grass, worry-free birds have found in the rice fields, there are pats The wings fly in the air. The field is already busy, there are plucking, cut grass, threshing, and tied straw... Slowly, the sun begins to turn from red to yellow, bright and dazzling, and the sky begins to be upright. It��s hot, I have had breakfast, I have a rest, and the adults have been working. We are also busy. Sometimes, we will follow the adults and cut the grass. At that time, it is collective labor. For us, there is no task requirement. Working in the field, it is better to say that it is play, not because of labor, because most of the time is noisy Newport Cigarettes Coupons, chasing, about ten points, when the clothes are wet and dirty, and all of them are about to become muddy. Everyone will haha ??go home. Usually, our morning task is to cut wood. After breakfast, everyone holds a sickle and shoulders a small bamboo pole. On the way, the sickle hits the bamboo bar and sends out a high-pitched voice. Each one is like training. The drummer of the prime, although the firewood frame is not small, but each time it is picked up is two small bundles (the adults often laugh and we pick two chicken heads back), but you don��t underestimate, it��s hard to help the parents. Solve some of the problems of burning wood, the nature of children, regardless of whether you cut the grass or cut wood, at most, that is, insist on half a morning, even if there are special circumstances, will definitely find an excuse to go home. When I got home, everyone gathered together to fight, the net was squatting, and the ants were fed, but the heart would not forget the small river in front of the door. It was estimated that the time was almost the same, and they went to the river, and the river seemed like this time. Boiled the pot, in the shallow river, or lying, or lying, or squatting, or planing, or playing with water, a small jade-like spray splashed on a childish face, swaying into the air Strings of water drops, like crystal pearls, arcs will fall in the flowing river, people jump, small fish and shrimps are also jumping, Zhang Zhang smile face as bright as the sun Parliament Cigarettes. The hot weather in the afternoon makes people sleepy. The adults start to rest. Only those who fall on the trees, fanning the thin wings and desperately screaming, are as excited as eating stimulants. "Know, know." The buzz is one after another, like a group of endless pastoral symphonies. When the adults are asleep, everyone is shirtless, holding a long bamboo bar and going out, first looking for big spider webs everywhere. Let it wrap it around the bamboo bar, wrap it in a certain amount, then stretch it into the water to wet it, then sway it up and down to reduce the moisture, estimate it, and then use your hand to go up and down to form a Small group, and finally glued it to the bamboo tip, so that the sticky material is formed. Don't underestimate this process. In fact, you need wisdom. For example, looking for spider webs must be big, because the tiny spider silks are not too sticky, and if you put bamboo, you must master the heat Cigarettes Online, otherwise the stickiness will not be Strong, when you encounter a big cockroach, it will break away from flying, so it must be wet and damp. With the beginning of the smashing action, people chasing the noise and screaming Cigarettes For Sale, all aiming at the waist, the footsteps are light, the eyes are straight Staring at the target of the sound, holding the bamboo firmly in both hands, stretching through the gap between the leaves, carefully and carefully close the sticky material on the bamboo tip to the singer, when you are stunned and sing Just push it up a little, waiting for your voice to be "֨֨֨" instea
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