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The Countdown is on for the Starfighter

The AlbertaAviationMuseum’s Starfighter scheduled to arrive at the end of March!


Over (1) year ago the AlbertaAviationMuseum held a fund raising drive to acquire an F-104 Starfighter for the Museum collection. After (7) years of searching the AlbertaAviationMuseum had found a dual seat Starfighter in Holland that was within financial reach.

Complete and suitable not only for display but educational use and cockpit tours.


Thanks to Edmontonians, fellow Canadians and particularly the family of “Don Hamilton” as well as AirSpray the finding goal was reached and the aircraft ordered.


Since then it has taken great determination to wade through the required paperwork across (2) continents and (3) countries to get the Starfighter here.


After all the work and all the effort by so many…we have an arrival date, March 26th.


Initially the Starfighter won’t be much to look at, arriving disassembled on jigs in (2) containers. But as soon as the containers are unloaded and the aircraft inventoried restoration will begin.


The aircraft will be restored to represent an Alberta based aircraft flown by 417 Squadron from 4 Wing Cold Lake and allow us to tell the story of the Alberta and Canadian Starfighters as well as the story of North West Industries right here in Edmonton that overhauled most of the CF-104 Starfighters.


We hope to host a roll out ceremony and unveiling later in 2013.

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Alberta’s Women of Aviation

Attention Ladies!!!   Attention Girls!!!

Sunday March 10th at 11:00 am

Learn a little history; get inspired to become a part of history!

 “Alberta’s Women of Aviation”


From the start…Women have been part of Alberta’s aviation past and future.


Since Katherine Stinson’s first Edmonton aerobatic demonstrations in 1916 through to today’s women pilots flying as airline pilots and instructors, around the world women have been part of Alberta leading the way in aviation.


Beyond the cockpit women have been the maintenance engineers, the builders and servicers of aircraft through Alberta’s aviation history holding key high technology positions since the Second World War.


In recognition of all female aviators that have served both in the air and the ground, military and commercial aviation. The Alberta Aviation Museum is celebrating all the roles women have played.


Celebrate the achievements of women in the skies and those that kept them there!


$1-         Eileen Vollick

            (First Canadian woman pilot)


$1-          Vi Milstead

             (First woman bush pilot)

$1-           Rosella Bjornson; First Female Captain on Jet Airlines in Canada and first female pilot hired by Canadian Airlines


Leaders like Vera Dowling, Margaret Littlewood, Marie Wright and the others that helped shape Alberta’s aviation past and future.


Celebrate with us at the Alberta Aviation Museum, Sunday March 10th, 11:00 am.


Admission for female aviators (of All Ages) is free!!!      Sorry guys…… 


The Alberta Aviation Museum, proud to participate in the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week.


Media contact:

Jean Lauzon (780-451-1175)

Assistant Executive Director

Alberta Aviation Museum

The Art of Flight

The Alberta Aviation Museum is proud to be taking on another first for our Museum.


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November is a month of great contrasts, a time of preparation for the Holiday season with friends and family as well as a time to Remember all the brave Canadians we have lost in the many conflicts around the world over the last century.


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Join us from 7pm to 10pm Thursday October 4th for an open discussion:


AVRO Arrow vs the Lockheed F-35


Positive or negative lets hear your opinion…admission only $5.00 and includes full access to the Alberta Aviation Museum. In addition our gift shop will be releasing the last of the AVRO Arrow 1/72 scale diecast models and our remaining, now out of print, books by Randy Whitcomb, AVRO Aircraft and Cold War Aviation which tells the Arrow story in great depth.

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55 years ago October 4th AVRO Canada rolled out the most advanced fighter of the generation. The brilliant white aircraft (Arrow #201) launched Canadian to the top of the aerospace world with it’s advanced technology, materials use and the promise of a generational leap in aircraft performance.

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Today we celebrate 20 years of being on Edmonton Kingsway, 20 years of showcasing Edmonton’s aviation history on one of it’s historic thoroughfares.

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20 years on Edmonton Kingsway September 28th, 2012

What has made us “more’ than other aviation museum’s?

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Our facility is all about people, both the people of our amazing aviation history and the ones that make this place work.

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Today Edmonton can proudly boast the 3rd largest aircraft collection in Canada, but back in 1992 it all started with (2) aircraft.

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