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Only moments after being announced as the new CEO of Westjet, Greg Saretsky announced plans for the expansion of the company.

He has announced his intention to work with other airlines to offer flights to Europe, Asia and South America.

“WestJet's new computer reservation system — will open the door to partnerships with other carriers that will enable the airline to launch transcontinental services,” said Gregg Saretsky.

"Certainly, our goal is to see routes with partners that are serving Asia and South America and Europe which will bring traffic to the Canadian shores that WestJet will then pick up," Saretsky said.

He said WestJet will continue to pursue negotiating partnerships with international carriers such as Air France-KLM and Singapore Airlines to allow code sharing, which makes connections simpler by allowing single bookings across multiple carriers.

Saretsky was key in developing Canadian's partnership with American Airlines and helping fight off attacks to derail it by rival Air Canada.

Greg Saretsky will take on the role of CEO of Westjet from April 1st 2010.

Wendy Burns

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