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C17 maintainers conduct first Home Station Check in Trenton

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With the recent opening of the new 1 Hangar at 8 Wing Trenton, the Maintainers from 429 (Transport) Squadron didn't have to deploy to the United States to conduct a Home Station Check (HSC) for the CC-177 Globemaster III aircraft.

"The new 1 Hangar is 8 Wing's first installation that is specifically designed as a permanent C17 maintenance facility," said Warrant Officer Paul Lefebvre of 429 Squadron.

Other facilities in Canada up to this point have had some limitations and have not allowed the 429 Squadron maintainers to conduct a full spectrum of field level maintenance for the C17.

"In the past, whenever we needed to conduct the HSC, our main field level recurring inspection, we would deploy a team of maintainers to Jackson, Mississippi to use the facilities of the 172nd Air Wing of the Air National Guard," he said.

The first HSC for the C17 aircraft was conducted at 1 Hangar from April 30 to May 10, by a crew of 21 maintenance personnel who worked day and night to ensure that work is done properly and on schedule.

"We conducted aircraft wash, post-wash lube, HSC card deck inspection with associated rectifications, incorporation of required aircraft Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTOs), Out of Sequence Inspection (OSI) items as well as the life rafts' five-year inspection, Deferred Defects (DDs), aircraft paint touch-ups and the F-117 engine EcoPower Wash followed by the post inspection ground-run," he noted.

Throughout the process, 429 Squadron's maintenance and supply personnel collaborate with stakeholders from 8 Air Maintenance Squadron, Boeing field service representatives and Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron in order to ensure that the inspection goals are met.

Aviation Technicians from 429 Squadron attest to the significance of being able to do HSC at the new 1 Hangar in Trenton.

"There are several advantages for conducting HSC in Trenton," said Sergeant Steve Copeland. "Supply personnel are able to get parts to us faster and with less difficulty. Most importantly, we are able to go home every day to our family."

He also noted it also allows them to offer better training opportunities to their newer technicians and that the long travel days are over.

"Because we are now capable of doing HSC here in Trenton, we now have the ability to train new apprentices in a maintenance environment that they don't see on the flight line everyday," said Corporal Scott Thompson.

"With the costs of travel and accommodations these young technicians couldn't be afforded the opportunity to join us in the United States; but now, they can simply walk to 1 Hangar."

The maintainers noted that what the new 1 Hangar has made the biggest difference in their lives is being able to see their families every night and not being under the stress and extra long days with last minute aircraft snags and a set departure time.

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