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Bond Flight Status

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Bond Flight Status Bond Aviation Group

Bond Offshore Helicopters reported that Eurocopter has dispatched four Technicians and four unaffected rotors shafts to Aberdeen.


These rotor shafts are currently being installed into the gearboxes of the grounded AS332L2. Bond can confirm that three of its aircraft are now back in operation and our engineers continue work on the other L2 aircraft.

On completion of the above work we will have 6 of our 9 Super Puma aircraft in service by Thursday 8 November.

About Avincis Group

Bond Offshore Helicopters Ltd is part of Avincis Group. Avincis Group is the world’s leading provider of mission critical aviation services. The Group’s mission is to save lives, protect the environment and provide safe transport for mission critical people and assets for public services and blue chip corporations.

Avincis has a global footprint which includes the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Chile and Peru. The Group operates around 350 rotary and 50 fixed-wing aircraft, from 295 bases in ten countries. Avincis employs almost 3,000 people worldwide and at end 2011 had an annualised turnover of €521 million (£421 million). The Group is headquartered in London.

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