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Seven China airports now approved for lower landing minima for aircraft equipped with authorized Head-Up Displays

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Seven China airports now approved for lower landing minima for aircraft equipped with authorized Head-Up Displays  Rockwell Collins

Aircraft equipped with authorized Head-Up Displays (HUD), including Rockwell Collins Head-Up Guidance System (HGSTM), are approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for lower landing minima at seven Instrument Landing System (ILS) equipped airports in China.

The currently approved airports include Beijing (PEK), Shanghai Pudong (PVG), Guangzhou (CAN), Chengdu (CTU), Xi’an (XIT), Qingdao (TAO) and Jinan (TNA). Quindao and Jinan are standard Category I (CAT I) airports and the remainder are Category II (CAT II). There are 58 additional airports scheduled to be approved for special Cat I operation in next two years.

The recognized enhanced efficiency and safety benefits of HUD have led to a larger initiative by the CAAC to encourage airlines to install the technology on their fleets in the years to come. The recently released “China HUD Application Roadmap” calls for ten percent of capable in service airline fleets to be equipped with HUD by 2015, and on all airline aircraft where HUD is offered by 2025.

Airlines will benefit directly from operational benefits in China, but the capabilities provided by this technology are applicable to aircraft operators in all parts of the world.

China’s airport infrastructure is largely made up of runways with CAT I ILS. With only the largest airports equipped with CAT II ILS. As the CAAC continues approvals of HUD-only lower landing minima at more CAT I equipped facilities throughout the country, flight reliability will continue to improve.

The Special Authorization CAT I HUD minima enables operators to fly CAT I approaches with Runway Visual Range (RVR) of 450 meters to Decision Height (DH) of 45 meters, compared with standard CAT I criteria of RVR 550 meters and a DH of 60 meters.

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