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Airwolf Aerospace Tension-Torsion Straps for Bell 206; 206L Jet Rangers Receive FAA Approval for Life Extension

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Airwolf Aerospace Tension-Torsion Straps for Bell 206; 206L  Jet Rangers Receive FAA Approval for Life Extension  Airwolf Aerospace

Airwolf Aerospace's Tension-Torsion (TT) straps for Bell 206 helicopters have received FAA approval for a 36-month/1,200 hour calendar life extension. TT straps for the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, 206L Long Ranger and OH-58 helicopters, previously had a 24-month/1,200-hour life limit. Airwolf's 36-month TT straps are a significantly better value than the OEM's straps.


Airwolf Aerospace technical director, John Montana, said, “The extension of the calendar life of our TT Straps is the next phase in our development of this innovative product. We’ve had an incredible response so far from customers who purchased our original straps, which were launched in March 2011. We expect to serve even more Bell 206/206L operators with our 36-month TT Straps.

“We worked over seven years to bring our original product to the market, and now customers have an even more affordable, FAA/PMA alternative, STC’d for their Bell 206 helicopters.”

Airwolf manufactures its straps under its FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). The straps are STC’d by FAA, EASA, ANAC, and TCCA.

Using its proprietary manufacturing processes, and extensive testing, Airwolf was able to prove to the FAA that its straps should have their life limit increased by 50% to 36 months. The result was the approval of the 50 percent life increase.

Montana added, “The OEM has been talking about a life extension for the last 20 years, but never brought anything to the market. At Airwolf we don’t just talk about reducing direct operating costs, we actually do it. Our TT straps are just the first of many new PMA parts in development for Bell 206 series helicopters. We are very upfront about the fact that the more operators support us through buying our TT Straps, the more new parts they will see in the future.

“For years the only ‘option’ was to live with the burden and costs of the short calendar life TT straps. Now, there’s an even more affordable, proven and FAA-approved alternative.”

Launched in 2011, Airwolf’s TT straps have become a popular choice for customers looking for a better value. The straps are approved for all Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, and OH 58s.

Airwolf Aerospace LLC. is a proven leader in value, bringing products to market that lower direct operating costs.

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