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Winds of change: Cooking Lake Airport changes hands

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Winds of change: Cooking Lake Airport changes hands Edmonton International Airport

The Edmonton Regional Airports Authority (Edmonton Airports) today announced the transfer of ownership and operation of the Cooking Lake Airport to the Cooking Lake Airport Condominium Association.

Diane Trenn, vice-president of Operations for Edmonton Airports, highlighted the rich history of the airport and the vital role it plays in the Edmonton region.  “For the past 86 years, the Cooking Lake Airport has been the starting point of some of the greatest adventures in Canadian aviation history. Today, the airport is primarily a home base for recreational aircraft and small commercial operators,” said Trenn.  “The time is now right for those aircraft and hangar owners to take over the stewardship of this historic airport and chart its course for future generations of pilots.”

The Cooking Lake Airport Condominium Association represents the owners of more than 130 aircraft and 70 hangars based at the airport. While the official transfer of the airport occurred on October 1, Edmonton Airports will continue to remain actively involved in supporting the airport over the coming months as the Association gains operational proficiency and begins moving forward with its expansion plans including the development of new hangar lots.

“The planning for the ownership transition began several years ago.  As one of the busiest small airports in Canada, it is critical to do this right to ensure safety or impede air traffic while also setting the airport up to be self-sustaining over the long term,” said Jim Johannsson, president of the Cooking Lake Airport Condominium Association.  “It has been a complex undertaking and we are deeply grateful to Edmonton Airports for their expert guidance and support in making the transition.”

Cooking Lake Airport has been a popular destination for Edmonton area aviation enthusiasts for more than 80 years.  Some come to watch the airplanes and some come to fulfill their dreams of learning to fly, while others use their aircraft to better manage their business interests across Western Canada.  “While they are no longer making aviation history, many of the pilots based at Cooking Lake are using the airport as a starting point for their own great lifetime adventures.  Flying an airplane should be on everyone’s bucket list and Cooking Lake Airport is one of the best places in Canada to do it,” added Johannsson.

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