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Cathay Pacific statement on crew bus incident

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Cathay Pacific can confirm that a crew bus was involved in a multi-vehicle accident this morning (Thursday, 6 December) at approximately 7:50 a.m. Hong Kong time. The crew bus was transporting two pilots and 17 cabin crew members from Cathay Pacific City to Hong Kong International Airport for a flight to Taipei.

Of those onboard the crew bus, 16 cabin crew members were sent to hospital as was the bus driver. Initial reports are that none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Cabin Crew Liza Ng said: “All of our efforts are focused on our crew family right now. We have cabin crew support teams at all of the hospitals where our crew were taken to assist them and their families. We will continue to support them following their release from hospital, which we hope will be very soon.”

The two pilots and one cabin crew member did not require hospitalisation and returned to Cathay Pacific City. Airline staff are also assisting them.

The bus accident has impacted one pair of flights. Flight 474 to Taipei and Flight 475 from Taipei have been cancelled. Passengers have been protected to other flights.

As of 5:30pm Hong Kong time, one cabin crew member remains in hospital. The other 15 cabin crew members originally taken to hospital have been discharged.

Police will conduct a thorough accident investigation. It would be inappropriate for Cathay Pacific to comment on the accident while that investigation is in progress.

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