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JAL Group Unveils New Set of Uniforms

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A selection of the JAL Uniforms with designer Keita Maruyama   Credit JAL A selection of the JAL Uniforms with designer Keita Maruyama Credit JAL

JAL Group (JAL) today unveiled the Group’s brand new set of uniforms for approximately 26,700 of its staff members, including flight crew, cabin attendants, various ground staff at the airport and city offices, as well as maintenance staff. The new uniforms will be adopted in the first half of fiscal year 2013 (between April 1 and September 30, 2013).



Created based on the concept of the new JAL Brand, the latest uniforms are sophisticated and coordinated with JAL’s current aircraft livery and airport signage to clearly project a distinguished JAL Group brand image. With the new attires, JAL aims to promote communication with its customers and provide them with a truly enjoyable journey and sense of security. Consolidating the designs across various sections within the JAL Group and conducting a thorough review of the selection and management of the materials used, have also helped realize significant cost savings.


A New Uniform Project Team was established and comprised of passionate employees from various sections to implement this change. Based on a deep sense of gratitude to all parties who had supported JAL, the Project Team worked on the selection of designs and fabric, and provided valuable feedback in the process of developing this new generation of uniforms. For cabin crew and passenger service staff who are always interacting with customers at the frontlines, JAL engaged the help of Japanese fashion designer Keita Maruyama, who conceptualized the design for these uniforms. Incorporating the essence of the employees’ mindsets and feelings for the revitalized JAL Group, Maruyama created a unique style to embody JAL’s spirit of hospitality, and provide aesthetically both beauty and comfort.


Employees in the new uniforms represent a cohesive JAL Group and will extend the most welcoming and assuring reception to all customers. United by the aspiration to deliver the highest quality of service with hospitality from the heart, JAL Group employees will strive to make every customer’s journey on JAL a joyful and moving experience.

Flight Crew

The flight crew’s cap and chest emblems will now feature the JAL brand mark’s distinctive circular-crane logo, while the traditional, elegant black double-breasted suits with gold arm stripes are retained to continue portraying an aura of reliability and sense of security for the passengers. The flight crew uniform for all six air-transport operators of the JAL Group - JAL, JAL Express, J-AIR, Japan Air Commuter, Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter will be standardized.


Cabin Attendants                                                          


Designed by Keita Maruyama, the new uniforms for cabin crew prominently feature JAL’s crane logo and are also standardized for cabin attendants across all JAL Group airlines, differentiated only by the color of their scarves for female attendants. The base color of the cabin crew uniforms is a noble, dark blue tone, with linings in JAL’s corporate red color around the cuffs and the lower edge of the jacket for women and on the pocket lip of the men’s suit jacket. Female cabin attendants will wear a one piece dress with half-length sleeves to the elbow, smartly lined with white around the collar and cuffs. An outlined breast-pocket and red belt complete the outfit. Male cabin attendants will wear suits designed to allow easy movements of the arms and legs while maintaining an elegant silhouette.


Passenger Service Staff


Also designed by Maruyama, uniforms for JAL’s passenger service staff at the airport as well as in city offices will utilize the same noble, dark blue color and red linings in synchronization with the cabin crew uniforms to be easily identified as JAL Group employees. Check-in agents, VIP guest relations agents and lounge staff at the airport will each have distinctly-designed jackets based on their respective roles so that customers can easily recognize and approach them for assistance at the airport.


Maintenance, Ground and Cargo Handling Staff


The coveralls for maintenance, as well as ground and cargo handling staff both have a generally light grey base while only the sleeves will be highlighted with a distinct color to set them apart. This heightens the clarity of each group’s function while raising the consciousness of inter-department unity. Maintenance staff will wear coveralls with black sleeves with a thick stripe of red running down from the underarm to the wrist. In contrast, ground and cargo handling staff will wear coveralls with bright-red sleeves and a thick stripe of light-grey in the same area. Both will have the JAL logo printed on the back.


About Keita Maruyama


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Keita Maruyama graduated from Bunka Fashion College and began his career in 1987 with a Japanese apparel company. His designs debuted in Tokyo in 1994 and in 1996, Maruyama won the Best New Designer Award at the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix. He then made his debut in Paris the following year. In 1998, he gained recognition from the Fashion Editors Club of Japan (FEC) with an award for his excellence in design. Presently, Maruyama is active in the industry managing several brands such as [Keita Maruyama], [Beauty Bar by Keita Maruyama], [WEDDING DRESS KEITA MARUYAMA] and others, as well as creating stage costumes for musicians and celebrities.





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