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A French-Canadian Team In Japan

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A French-Canadian Team In Japan Luxell Technology

Luxell Technologies Inc. is pleased to confirm that the first batch of special purpose 6x8” Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) are being delivered to a Japanese customer for P3 maritime surveillance aircraft applications. The next batch of displays are to be delivered in December. Further production units will be delivered through 2013 for continuing upgrades of the Japanese P3 fleet.

The team of IRTS (France) and LUXELL(Canada) successfully won this upgrade program in 2011 and is performing according to the strict requirements and oversight of the team’s Japanese customer and their end-user. Both IRTS and LUXELL are pleased with the results of their long-term alliance and collaboration in becoming a supplier to such a demanding customer.

Both companies continue to work on new projects and opportunities in a number of international markets for the coming year.

About IRTS:
IRTS has developed a complete range of products covering COTS and customized ultra-rugged smart display. IRTS ultra-rugged displays have been selected for the major European naval programs (including the latest European FREMM frigates). IRTS is also working with Thales Defense System in South Africa, with GD UK in the Middle East, with Bharat in India. They have also been selected by TERMA to provide the global hardware solution for their C4I C-RAID which was recently deployed in the Australian defense naval forces.

IRTS® and A4R® are IRTS trademarks.

About Luxell:
Luxell designs, manufactures and licenses flat panel display technologies and solutions for defense and avionics industries. More information can be found at www.luxell.com (c) Luxell technologies Inc., Luxell, and Black Layer are trademarks of Luxell Technologies Inc... All other company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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